All About Stray Cats

The ASPCA estimates that animal shelters in the U.S. take in about 3.2 million cats every year. Although that number has declined by over 4 million since 2011, shelters are still overwhelmed by the number of cats they have to care for. And unfortunately, roughly 860,000 of the stray cats taken in by shelters have to be euthanized for lack of new homes.

The fact of the matter is that our animal shelters are overflowing with both stray and feral cats. Animal activists everywhere are urging people to learn what to do if they encounter a cat they do not own – be it feral or stray. When people do the right thing, the cats benefit. That is what our website is all about.

Practical Advice You Can Really Use

We specialize in providing sound, qualified advice regarding stray cats. And although we may address feral cats from time to time, our focus is on strays. Our goal is to offer practical advice you can really use. We are not interested in filling up pages of content that do not help you understand stray cats or what to do when you find one.




Here are just a few of the topics we cover:

Stray Cats vs. Feral: Telling the Difference

There are distinct differences between stray and feral cats. Knowing how to identify them will equip you to better understand what you are getting into should you decide to involve yourself in the life of a cat with an unknown owner. You can learn to tell the difference by reading some of the information here on our site.

Feeding Stray Cats

It is hard to resist the temptation to feed a stray cat hanging around your house. But doing so comes with consequences. Are you ready to face those consequences? If not, take the time to read our helpful information about feeding. We do not sugarcoat things. We make it absolutely clear what it means to feed a stray. And if you do decide to feed, we’ll tell you how to do it properly.

Sheltering Stray Cats

People who decide to help stray cats inevitably want to provide shelter. There are lots of ways to do that. Check out our helpful information that discusses how to build a cat shelter, how to take advantage of natural shelters, and what to do should you decide to take a stray cat into your home.



Trap, Neuter, Return

Proponents of the trap, neuter, return (TNR) strategy say it is the best way to control stray and feral cat populations. We offer information explaining what the strategy is all about. Then we leave it for you to decide whether it is the right strategy for you or not.

Stray Cats and Pregnancy

Stray and feral cat populations are exploding across the country due to the prolific breeding capacity felines possess. As such, animal advocates always recommend spaying and neutering to prevent pregnancy. But what do you do if you run across a pregnant stray? We can help you figure it out.

When Stray Cats Attack

Most of the stories you hear about stray cats are warm and fuzzy. In reality though, there are occasions when stray cats attack. You need to know what to do if it happens to you. We have the information you need.

“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.” – Abraham Lincoln

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